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Trade rules

If you want to buy one or more specimens and you agree with my prices, you have to advise me by e-mail. Mark the specimens you like with my label (m0124 as sample) and send me your name, surname, address and e-mail address. Tell me the payment's way you're going to use. I can accept:

- payments with Paypal if you have credit-card or a Paypal account (this is the simpliest way). paypal_logo.gif (1312 byte)

- banknotes in your current value (this is the cheapest way), if you live in U.S.A., Canada, Japan or in Europe.

- international money orders in U.S.A. dollars or in euros.

- bank to bank money transfers on my bank's account.

- Western Union company money transfers.

I'll reply you, as soon as possible, with my confirmation about the availability and with the shipment's costs. As sample a shipment of 1 kg to U.S.A. as registered letter by air-mail costs 27 euros. The same shipment to Europe costs 12 euros. To Italy it costs 7 euros. As your guarantee, I'll send you a jpg file with a copy of my passport.

I'll keep the minerals you want as 'reserved' for one week. After one week without your payment or your notices, I'll consider you're not interested in the specimens and I'll free them again.

When I'll receive the payment or the payment's confirmation from Paypal, I'll send the specimens to your address.

I'm sure about the quality of my specimens, however If you won't be satisfied, you have three days to advise me. After my ok, send back to me the specimen and, when it'll arrive here, I'll refund your money with exclusion of my costs (shipments and bank's charges if applicable).

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