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My Links

Generic web sites about mineralogy

- Mineralogical Club of Antwerp

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- The most complete minerals database on the web

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- Bob's rockshop

- Gruppo Mineralogico Lombardo that publishs the magazine 'Rivista Mineralogica Italiana'

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- Italian portal about palaeontology (in Italian language)

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- Rocks, minerals and fossils websites directory

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- Information for mineral collectors

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- International Thumbnail Mineral Collectors Association (ITMCA)

- Italian portal about gems and minerals (in Italian language)

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Home pages of some Italian friends minerals' collectors

- Antonio Rapisarda from Sicily

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- Giampiero Arrigoni with his beautiful collection of alpine specimens

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- Marino Bignami and his beautiful site about quartz

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- Fernando Metelli

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- Mario Augusto Tiberi (a very interesting site about old books about mineralogy)

- Alessandro Genazzani

- Antonio Gamboni and minerals from north Sardinia

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- Giovanni Peracchi

- Stefano Zizzi  with Italian newsgroup about mineralogy

- Giovanni Signorelli

Home pages of some worldwide friends minerals' collectors

- Olivier Roth from Switzerland

- John Steenbergen from Australia

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- Shinichi Kato from Japan

- Daniel Comtois from Canada.

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- Stefan Plueth from Germany (fluorites' collector).

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