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Legend: Sizes of specimens in cm. Sizes of crystals in mm. Weight in kg. Prices in euros (consider an exchange rate of 1.10 U.S.A. dollars for 1 euro). Reproduction of text and photos prohibited without permission of author. All the specimens are from Italy if not differently specified.

m0670.jpg (162131 byte) m0670- Fluorite – Schrammacher – Passo di Vizze – Alto Adige - Italy. Size 13x10x4 weight 0.7. Group of green octaedric fluorite crystals with max. size 22 mm. covered with white calcedhony. 100
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m0169- Fluorite – Min. Santa Lucia - Fluminimaggiore – Sardegna - Italy. Size 12x10x7 weight 0.9. Group of light purple cubic fluorite crystals with max. size 12 mm. on matrix. 35 €

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