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My private collection

My private collection is composed with about 600 specimens divided in the followings categories:

- Alpine minerals (250 specimens)

- Italian minerals (250 specimens)

- Worldwide minerals (50 specimens)

- Micromounts (50 selected specimens only from Italian sites)

I like aesthetic minerals in big size (10x10 cm. is the optimum) and generally I prefer Italian minerals. My favourite areas are Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta (my regions), Sardegna, Toscana and Elba island.  I collect micromounts only for rare and Italian minerals.

I hope you enjoy with my photos.  You can see other specimens on my articles about Monte Bianco and  Val Varaita occurences.

All photos by author and specimens from his personal collection unless otherwise noted.

Reproduction of text and photos prohibited without permission of author.

NOTE. These pages are photo intensive and can be slow to load. If some photo is not complete please reload the page.

- Alpine specimens

- Alpine rodingites specimens

- Brosso & Traversella mines specimens

- Specimens from Sardinia island

- Specimens from other Italian regions

- Other specimens from my collectione on this external site (180 photos available)

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