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My collection - other regions specimens

I hope you enjoy with my photos. 

All photos by author and specimens from his personal collection unless otherwise noted.

Reproduction of text and photos prohibited without permission of author.

NOTE. This page is photo intensive and can be slow to load. If some photo is not complete please reload the page.

c252.jpg (34196 byte) Elbaite, orthoclase, quartz – S.Piero in Campo - Is d’Elba - Italy. Size 7x6x4 cm.  In this specimen there are two beautiful polichrome elbaite XXs perfectly terminated, the biggest one is 15 mm. and the colour goes from olive-green to pink. Also a big orthoclase XX of 30 mm. and white quartz.
c356.jpg (28248 byte) Gypsum on pyrrothite – Mine Niccioleta - Toscana - Italy. Size 12x9x8 cm. Exceptional biterminated XX of 120 mm. on a matrix of small grey pyrrothite XXs.
c355b.jpg (32340 byte) Pyrite – Mine Niccioleta – Toscana - Italy. Size 16x13x10. Exceptional cluster of triglific cubic crystals with max. size 100 mm. Old hystorical specimen.
c309.jpg (37259 byte) Pyrite – Quarry Vallegiove – Riomarina – Elba island - Italy. Size 12x9x8 cm. Exceptional big pentagonododecaedric XX of 120 mm. with hematite lamellae.
c457.jpg (30842 byte) Sulfur on aragonite – Mine Gibellina – Agrigento - Sicilia - Italy. Size 13x12x7 cm. Exceptional giant yellow XX of 130 mm. and complex terminations on white aragonite matrix.
c432.jpg (20274 byte) Green aragonite with sulfur – Mine Giumentaro – Enna - Sicilia. Size 16x12x10 cm. Incredible group of green hexagonal XXs with max. size 23 mm. with a yellow sufur XX of 30 mm. Very pink fluorescent at U.V. light.
c096.jpg (28125 byte) Orthoclase with smokey quartz – Cuasso al Monte – Lombardia. Size 12x9x7 cm. Aggregate of pink big orthoclase XXs with max. size 35 mm. and smokey quartz XXs on granitic matrix.
c233.jpg (44193 byte) Hematite with quartz – Quarry Bacino – Riomarina – Elba island. Size 8x6x5 cm. Group of very brilliant black XXs with max. size 18 mm. with beautiful iridescences and small red quartz crystals. This is an historical sample (it was found in 1919).
c314.jpg (52972 byte) Malachite with azzurrite – Quarry Vallone – Mine Calamita - Elba island – Italy. Size 17x11x6 cm. Old specimen found in 1960. Aggregate of mixed spheres of green malachite and blue azzurrite on matrix.

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