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My collection - Alpine minerals

I hope you enjoy with my photos. 

All photos by author and specimens from his personal collection unless otherwise noted.

Reproduction of text and photos prohibited without permission of author.

NOTE. This page is photo intensive and can be slow to load. If some photo is not complete please reload the page.

c220b.jpg (31333 byte) Gold – Mine Fenillaz – Val d’Ayas – Valle d’Aosta – Italy. Size 10x6x6 . Dendritic gold of 28 mm. on quartz matrix. Beautiful specimen from this old mine closed in 1912.
c509.jpg (24015 byte) Pyrite – Punta Rousse – Picc.S.Bernardo – Val d’Aosta - Italy. Size 15x10x9 cm.  Group of octaedric limonitized XXs with max. size 10 mm. on matrix.
c007.jpg (23888 byte) Smokey quartz – Oropa – Valle di Oropa - Piemonte - Italy. Size 8x8x6 cm. Group of smokey XXs with max. size 40 mm. on matrix. Uncommon locality.
c188.jpg (20783 byte) Beryl – Craveggia – Val Vigezzo - Piemonte. Size 7x4x4 cm. Big single giant XX of 70 mm. without matrix.
c200.jpg (36771 byte) Fluorite – Schrammacher – Passo di Vizze – Alto Adige - Italy. Size 13x10x4 cm. Group of green octaedric XXs with max. size 22 mm. covered with white calcedhony.
c624b.jpg (47791 byte) Heulandite – Drio le Pale – Val di Fassa – Trentino - Italy. Size 11x7x6. Group of red-brown tabular heulandite crystals with max. size 10 mm. on volcanic matrix.
c593b.jpg (34204 byte) Perovskite with magnetite – Rocca Sella – Val di Susa – Piemonte - Italy. Size 11x8x3. Group of brown cubic perovskite crystals with max. size 8 mm. with black magnetite crystals on serpentino matrix.
c526.jpg (23128 byte) Prehnite – M.Barbeston – Val d’Aosta – Italy. Size 13x9x5 cm. Exceptional group of light green XXs with max. size 10 mm. on serpentino matrix.
c352b.jpg (33641 byte) Quartz – Arbaz – Val d’Ayas – Valle d’Aosta - Italy. Size 12x11x10 cm. Incredible group of biterminated XXs with max. size 65 mm. covered with yellow iron’s oxydes.
c179.jpg (30012 byte) Quartz var. amethyst – M.Argentera – Valle Gesso – Piemonte - Italy. Size 27x24x9. Giant specimen with clusters of violet crystals with max. size 30 mm. on matrix. The tips are darker than the body of the crystals. Very rare in the alpine region.
c350b.jpg (20489 byte) Apatite on adularia – Quarry Antillone – Val Formazza – Piemonte - Italy. Size 5x4x3 cm. Cluster of light violet prismatic apatite XXs with max. size 8 mm. on adularia XXs covered with green chlorite.

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