o 20mm in size have been found on the French side of the massif on or near the Argentiere Glacier. These specimens are interesting and beautiful, making aesthetic specimens.

c534.jpg (23195 byte)  


Siderite on smokey quartz – Les Courtes – M.Bianco - France. Size 8x5x4 cm. Smokey single quartz XX partially covered with a group of lenticolar brown siderite XXs.

Stilbite ((CaO5, Na K)9 (Al9 Si27 O72) - 28H2O

This zeolite is very rare on Monte Bianco. Many years ago exceptional white crystals with spherical or sheaf forms to 20mm were found at the Miage Glacier in Italy.

h006.jpg (29906 byte) Stilbite – Glacier of Miage – M.Bianco - Italy. Size 8x8x6 cm. Carpet of yellow spheric XXs of 10 mm. on matrix.

Titanite (CaTiSiO5)

Relatively common occurrences on the Italian side of Monte Bianco. Yellow or pink crystals to 15mm in size can be found.

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