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Welcome to my minerals web site !! My name is Marco Macchieraldo, I'm an Italian minerals collector and live in Torino, a big town in the north of Italy near the Alps mountains. I was born in 1959 and collect minerals from 1981. I created this site to show some of the best specimens from my private collection, to publish my trade lists of minerals and to spread to all the world the knowledge about Italian and alpine minerals.

I'm online from 1999 and this is one of the oldest Italian web site about minerals !!

Happy visit !!

Table of contents.

New- My lists of minerals to offer <------- follow this link5 specimens to offer. Following a short overview of what you will find).

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Epidote – Lago Falin – Val di Vił - Piemonte - Italy

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Diopside on grossular var. hessonite - Testa Ciarva – Val d’Ala – Piemonte - Italy

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Grossular var. hessonite – Alpe delle Frasse – Val di Susa – Piemonte - Italy

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Axinite, apatite – Glacier of Miage – M.Bianco – Valle d’Aosta – Italy

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Azurite – Touissit mine – Bou Beker distr. - Morocco

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Omphacite – Val Pelice - Piemonte - Italy

- My private collection (5 pages of specimens from my personal collection. Look at them !!)

- My  preferred links

- My personal photos

- Monte Bianco article (a personal work about Monte Bianco occurences with landscapes, photos of minerals from my collection and a lot of

- Val Varaita article (a personal work about Val Varaita occurences with landscapes, photos of minerals from my collection and a lot of notices about these interesting alpine sites and its minerals epidote, albite, hematite, lazulite. Look at it !!)

My E-mail address is:

Some of the pages on this site are photo intensive and they can be slow to load. Excuse me for the trouble.

I will be very grateful for your comment and suggestions about the contents of this site and don't forget to sign my guestbook.

Last update 6th october 2018.

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